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J a z z   S a x o p h o n e   B O O K S

written by Pete Yellin

Jazz Saxophone by Pete Yellin , Vol. 1                     
Jazz Saxophone by Pete Yellin , Vol. 2
Jazz Saxophone by Pete Yellin , Vol. 3


The purpose of this series is to provide the student with comprehensive reading material carefully graduated in difficulty.

I feel the best way to learn to read proficiently is to do It. Practice reading just as you practice scales, tunes, studies articulations, etc. This series of books will provide the student with material to practice reading. This material is based on jazz tunes and progressions and is notated exactly the way they would be notated in a band part so the student will learn it the way it really is.

The series starts on an intermediate easy level and progresses from there.


Therefore, the student should be able to play his instrument (some scales and arpeggios - all the notes on the horn) and he or she should be able to read simple rhythms. Working with a teacher is usually best so that the student can progress at a healthy pace.

The articulations are extremely important as they bring the rhythms to life. I preface each study with an explanation and description so the player can get the most out of the study. There are also examples of the problems which are peculiar to that particular study, and there are examples to practice to prepare one for the etude.


The first book contains simple rhythms with very few technical problems on the horn. This book will hopefully sharpen the students' eye to the simple but tricky rhythms he or she will be confronted with throughout their musical career. Chord changes are also included on some of the studies with space for the student to improvise if he or she is so inclined.

The second book of etudes begins to deal with some moderately hard technical, mechanical and harmonic problems as well as rhythmic ones. Including some double time figures one sees on most jazz rock and fusion charts. ~ Pete Yellin


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